Carla specializes in the art of eyelash extensions and customer satisfaction! She is dedicated to her craft so you can perfect your lash game! If you have any questions feel free to ask about our services and products. What are you waiting for? Come in for a free consultation or give us a call now!

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iLash by Carla promises to deliver to each individual client the best Eye Lash extension experience: First, a consultation between the client and Carla in order to assess the distinctive eye shape, the quality of the natural lashes and the skin tone.
Various lengths, curvatures and widths of lashes are carefully selected to create each custom set of lashes. Carla is highly trained and meticulous with ensuring exact symmetry with every applied lash, crisscross lash application is not tolerated. The adhesive used is medical grade and FDA approved.

Prices Range $170.50 - $250.50

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Our clients return every 2-3 weeks for refills because the natural lashes have a growth cycle of 60-90 days your set will not remain the same after two to three weeks. The base of the lash extension grows away from the eyelid and depending on the growth stage of the natural lash the extension will shed along with the lash.
Prices Range $40.50 to $75.50